Word Power- Cool Unit 2- Answers


boring, life, find out, keep, inside, kind of, large, find, flowers, afraid, enjoy, happens, animal, forget, early, late

I am afraid of spiders, bugs, and snakes.
My favorite animal is the tiger.
This movie is so boring, I am falling asleep.
Soldiers need to wake up very early in the morning.
I really enjoy being with you! We always have fun.
I can’t find my phone, can you see it?
I really want to go to the doctor to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!
I got you your favorite flowers – roses!
I always forget my keys at home…
I wonder what happens in the second movie.
Lets go inside, it’s very cold outside.
I feel kind of hungry, let’s eat in 30 minutes.
I wonder how large the queen’s palace is.
If there is a fire, everyone must keep calm.
We must go now, so that we won’t be late.
He told her, “You are the love of my life”. 


move, smile, means, often, real, sun, nobody, right, nice, like, parts, never, problem, shout
I like swimming, but it’s not my favorite sport.
In Hebrew “Shalom” means “Hello”.
Can you please move? I can’t see the TV.
I never eat shrimps.
Do you think my new hat is nice?
In the winter nobody wears short shirts.
I need a map, because I don’t drive to the north very often.
How many parts are there in the play?
If there is a problem just call me and I will come help you.
Is “Snow White” a real story? Is she alive?
I write with my right hand, and you write with your left hand.
Please don’t shout, you will wake the baby up.
When I am happy I always smile.
How old were you when you said your first word and started to speak?
The sun makes the world hot in the summer.


catch, city, wear, clothes, forest, hero, interesting, meet, movies, same, sharp, strange, wild, too, about

In this game you must ­­­_______ the ball.
New-York is such a big _______.
On my birthday I _______ my favorite shirt.
My sister has a lot of _______ in her closet.
Can you count all of the trees in this _______?
My favorite _______ is superman.
I can’t stop reading this _______ book!
At five o’clock I am going to _______ my friend Shira.
I always eat popcorn at the _______.
My family and I live in the _______ house.
Be careful, don’t touch the _______ knife!
Can you also hear that _______ noise?
In Africa there are many _______ animals.
Don’t put _______ much sugar in the cake.
I can tell you all _______ my trip to Africa.


all, also, always, because, each, home, idea, parents, so, sometimes, tree, very, wolf, afraid of, age, back, body, different

_______ of the girls in my call have brown hair.
Can I have a sandwich? Oh, and _______ a glass of water.
I _______ go to sleep at nine o’clock.
I can’t come today _______ I have ballet class.
In my class _______ child has a different name.
I always come _______ after school.
Do you have an _______ where the bathroom is?
My _______ got married in 1994.
I love apples _______ I eat them every day.
_______ I wash my dog, but today I didn’t.
In our garden we have a big apple _______.
It was _______ hot this Summer!
My favorite animal is a _______.
When I was young I was _______ monsters.
My name is David and my _______ is thirteen.
When my bag is heavy, it hurts my _______.
The brain is part of my ______.
They are brothers but they are very _______.


true, tell, characters, cover, was, blind, wrong, together, clever, a long time ago, dangerous, beginning, adventure, wish, usually
Can I tell you a secret.
Lets go together to the mall, I don’t want to go alone.
Is it true? Are you really moving to Canada?
Usually we eat at home, but today we are going to a restaurant.
Yesterday I was at the mall.
Did your ______ come true?
I’m not Dana. You have the wrong number.
I stopped eating chips when I was 6. It was a long time ago.
This summer, we are going on an adventure to Africa.
In the beginning of the movie, the girl was lost but later she found her family.
The blind man has a dog that helps him get to places.
Can you count how many characters there are in the story of “Snow White”? 
My little sister is so clever, she can already count to 100!
The name of the book is written on the  cover.
Be careful, this sport is dangerous.


ending, quickly, fairy, fairy tale, recommend, magic, opinion, false, diary, kill, hairy, plot, detective, fact, exciting

When I was young I wanted to be a detective and help solve mysteries. 
In my diary I write about my day.
Did you like the ending of the story? It was so unexpected!
Do you know any fact about polar bears?
I have very exciting news… I am going to have a baby sister!
When I was 5, I dressed up as a fairy like Tinker Bell for Purim.
My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.
I don’t know if this story is true or false.
The hairy puppy can’t see because of his hair.
In the fairy tale the queen tries to kill Snow White.
We went to a magic show! The man found a bunny in his hat.
What is your opinion about eating meat? What do you think?
Can you tell me what the plot of the movie is?
Come, quickly! We might be late. 
recommend watching this movie. It’s great!


villain, wise, thought, stop, said, scary, writer, wide, village, stay, title, touch, saw

Did you hear what I just said?
Yesterday I saw Big Ben!
I don’t like this movie, because it’s too scary
I asked my mother if I could stay at home today. I am sick.
When you see a red light you must stop.
Oops, I thought your name was “Maya”.
What is the title of your new book?
Don’t touch the oven, it’s very hot.
My mother lived in a village before she moved to the city.
I am the villain in the show at my school.
I never find shoes that fit because my feet are very wide.
My grandfather is  a very wise and smart man.
The writer of this book has 200 other books!