Word Power – Aiming High – Way to Go- Answers


activity    פעילות

adult   מבוגר

amusement park   פארק שעשועים

area   אזור

bridge   גשר

competition   תחרות

effort   מאמץ

equipment   ציוד

everybody   כולם

exercise   תרגיל, תרגול

fan   אוהד

glove   כפפה

gym   חדר כושר

heart   לב

helmet   כסדה

practice   אימון

rule   כלל

safety   בטיחות

track   מסלול


aim high   לכוון גבוה

be careful   היה זהיר

drop me a line   כתוב מסר קצר – להודיע 

enjoy   להנות

exercise   לתרגל, להתאמן

hate   לשנוא

hurt   לפגוע

practice   להתאמן, לתרגל

protect   להגן

race   להתחרות במירוץ

spend time   לבלות זמן


all year round   לאורך כל השנה

allowed   מותר, מורשה לעשות משהו

amazing   מדהים

comfortable   נוח

dangerous   מסוכן

exciting   מלהיב, מרגש

expensive   יקר

first   ראשון

indoor   בפנים – בחללים בנויים

outdoor   בחוץ – בשטח הפתוח

interested   מעוניין, מתעניין

just for fun   רק לכיף

last   אחרון

nervous   לחוץ, עצבני

proud   גאה

scary   מפחיד

Answers to exercise:

People had to leave the area because of the fire.

In the Olympic Games women are not allowed to compete against men.

Beach volleyball is similar to indoor volleyball, which is also played at the Olympics.

Don’t try to sell me this computer. I am not interested.

The city has many outdoor basketball courts for people to play at all hours of the day.

I wanted to buy skiing equipment for my skiing trip but it’s too expensive.

Their living room is very comfortable. It has big soft sofas and a big TV.

My father and I like to spend time together out in nature.

Jayden Larson, a 10 year old race car driver, won a big racing event. He drove at fast speeds around a track and beat men four times his age.

It’s good to run barefoot on the beach, but you need to protect your feet from stones, glass and metal.

Drop me a line the next time you’re in town. I’d love to see you.

A leader must aim high, see big, and judge wide.

“The greatest danger for most of us in not that we aim too high and miss it but that we aim too low and reach it.” Michelangelo

The rules of basketball are different in the NBA compared to the Euroleague.

Snowboarding is a dangerous sport.

In some activities like skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing people need to wear a helmet and padding to protect themselves.

Climbing the Everest may result in some serious risks to your safety , such as lack of oxygen, stormy weather, and extreme tiredness.

There are some good gym exercises for swimmers. 

When you go diving, you can rent all of the equipment at the diving club.

The team has to make an effort, and fight to win the tournament.