Way To Go – Unit 4 – Believe it or not – Answers

frighten, blend in with , airline, hunt, belongs to, anymore, journey, behave, patiently, difficult, survived, camouflage, take place, author, hide, looking forward to, enemies

  1. This bag belongs to him.
  2. Rabbits use their white fur as camouflage in the snow.
  3. Gorillas behave differently in the wild and in captivity.
  4. I had to make a very difficult decision.
  5. Jelly fish frighten her so she doesn’t get in the water.
  6. She’s on the last part of a six-month journey through Asia.
  7. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday. 
  8. J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series of books.
  9. The plane crash-landed in the river but all the passengers survived.  
  10. People were waiting patiently to see the doctor.
  11. Apple doesn’t sell that of computer modal anymore
  12. The lizard changed its color to blend in with its new environment. 
  13. Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies
  14. There’s no point in trying to hide your true feelings. 
  15. The Olympic Games take place every four years.
  16. Because wolves usually hunt for large animals, they work together to catch their prey. 
  17. El Al is Israel’s national airline.