Way To Go – Unit 3

Complete the Sentence

A. north, on fire, crashed, surprised, Nobody, alive, run away, accident, immediately, brave, screamed

  1. The house was _____________ and there was smoke everywhere. 
  2. The firefighters came _____________ after we called them. 
  3. The Hermon mountain is in the _____________ of the country. 
  4. Everybody was scared and _____________ for help. 
  5. We started to _____________ but then the rescue workers came and found us. 
  6. The airplane _____________ in the ocean but nobody was hurt. It’s amazing!
  7. I am _____________ I won the game. I thought there were other people better than me. 
  8. The _____________ happened when he fell asleep while driving. 
  9. The sheriff found the killer and brought him back _____________.
  10. They continued to fight without their weapons. They are _____________ men.  
  11. _____________ knows how this plane crash happened. 

* stairs * brave * was missing * make sure * sound * run away * crash * west * worried * thirsty 

1. Before we leave for the airport, please ____________  you packed everything you need. 

2. Airplanes are very safe. They usually don’t ____________, even in bad weather conditions. 

3. Somebody shouted “Fire !” and everybody started to ____________. 

4. In case of fire, always use the ____________ and never the elevator. 

5. Only one of the students ____________. Almost everybody came to the school trip. 

6. We will meet in the park at 7 p.m. Does this ____________ ok? 

7. John’s parents got very ____________ last night when they found out he wasn’t in his room. 

8. I’m ____________. May I have something to drink, please? 

9. Los Angeles is on the ____________ coast of the United States. 

10. Many ____________ men and women fought against the Germans during World War II. 

put out * spread  * save a life * firefighter * suddenly * brave * south *  stay close

1. Eilat is a town in the ____________ of Israel.

2. By giving your blood, you can ____________.
3. Being a ____________ is sometimes a dangerous job.
4. Never use water to ____________ burning oil !
5. With this wind, the fire will ____________ very quickly.
6. ____________ to me or we will lose each other.
7. I was asleep when ____________ the phone rang.

8. The firefighters were very ____________ when they went into the burning house to put out the fire.