Use the right verbs in the sentences

A. do, come, fix, cry, drink

  1. When I am hurt, I sometimes _____________.
  2. When go away, I sometimes _____________ back
  3. After I run, I _____________ a lot of water.
  4. When something doesn’t work, I _____________ it
  5. After I come home, I _____________ my homework. 

B. call, get, help, ask, close

  1. When I give the right answer, I _____________ 10 points. 
  2. When I don’t understand, I _____________ a question.
  3. When I want someone to play with me, I _____________ my friend. 
  4. When my friend needs help, I _____________. 
  5. When I want to be alone, I _____________  the door.