There is / There are – Answers

Fill in the sentences with There is / There are

  1. There is a sofa in the room.
  2. There are some children in the yard. 
  3. There are many birds in that tree. 
  4. There is a picture on the wall.
  5. There is some milk in the fridge . 
  6. There are some pupils in front of the teacher. 
  7. There is an elephant in the zoo.
  8. There are five apples in that box. 
  9. There is some orange juice in the bottle.
  10. There is a cat under the tree. 
  11. There are six chairs in the kitchen.
  12. There is some money in my bag. 
  13. There is an alligator in the water.
  14. There are some books on the table.
  15. There is an old man behind the door.