Practice the words from Unit 1 on Quizlet

Complete the sentences using  words from the word bank.

Exercise A

countries, hard time, environment, decide, highest, special, far away, hero, celebrate, collect, journal

  1. She ____________ her Bat Mitzvah on October 26.
  2. He decided to be the youngest person to climb Mt Everest, the ____________ mountain in the world. 
  3. He decided to write a ____________ to keep memories from his journey.
  4. The Amazing Race is a TV show in which teams of two race against each other and travel through eight ____________. 
  5. We’re trying to create a better learning ____________ for our students.
  6. We ____________ to travel to Italy in the vacation. 
  7. We have a ____________ guest tonight.
  8. If you decide to travel ____________ and see the world, go to Argentina.
  9. He ____________ money for a charity called “Hopes and Homes for Children”.
  10. I had a ____________ breaking the news to my family.
  11. Their neighbor is a ____________. He ran into their burning apartment and saved the father.

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Way To Go – Unit 4 – Believe it or not

Match the right words in the sentences below. 

frighten, blend in with , hunt, belongs to, anymore, journey, behave, patiently, difficult, survived, camouflage, take place, author, hide, looking forward to, enemies

  1. This bag ____________   Jack.
  2. Rabbits use their white fur as ____________ in the snow.
  3. Gorillas ____________ differently in the wild and in captivity.
  4. I had to make a very ____________ decision.
  5. Jelly fish ____________ her so she doesn’t get in the water.
  6. She’s on the last part of a six-month ____________ through Asia.
  7. I’m ____________ seeing you on Friday. 
  8. J.K. Rowling is the ____________ of the Harry Potter series of books.
  9. The plane crash-landed in the river but all the passengers ____________.  
  10. People were waiting ____________ to see the doctor.
  11. Apple doesn’t sell that of computer modal ____________. 
  12. The lizard changed its color to ____________ its new environment. 
  13. Israel is a small country surrounded by ____________. 
  14. There’s no point in trying to ____________ your true feelings. 
  15. The Olympic Games ____________ every four years.
  16. Because wolves usually ____________ for large animals, they work together to catch their prey. 

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To the Rescue – Unit 3

Practice the Words on Quizlet

Sentence Completion:

north, on fire, crashed, surprised, Nobody, alive, run away, accident, immediately, brave, screamed,

  1. The house was _____________ and there was smoke everywhere. 
  2. The firefighters came _____________ after we called them. 
  3. The Hermon mountain is in the _____________ of the country. 
  4. Everybody was scared and _____________ for help. 
  5. We started to _____________ but then the rescue workers came and found us. 
  6. The airplane _____________ in the ocean but nobody was hurt. It’s amazing!
  7. I am _____________ I won the game. I thought there were other people better than me. 
  8. The _____________ happened when he fell asleep while driving. 
  9. The sheriff found the killer and brought him back _____________.
  10. They continued to fight without their weapons. They are _____________ men.  
  11. _____________ knows how this plane crash happened. 

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Word Power – Aiming High – Way to Go

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amusement park






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