Robotic Trousers

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The ‘robotic trousers’ that help people walk again

An Israeli company designed a suit called ReWalk exoskeleton. This suit helps many disabled people stand and walk again. They can buy it in the USA for around $69,500.

How does it work?

There are sensors on the Robotic Trousers. There are also robotic joints that move when the upper body moves. A belt around the waist and shoulders keeps the suit in place. A bag on the back holds the computer and battery.

Who designed the ReWalk exoskeleton?

Amit Goffer designed it. He can’t walk because he was hurt in a car crash in 1997. Radi Kaiof is an Israeli who trained to use the ReWalk exoskeleton. He lost the use of his legs when he was in the Israeli army. 

From a watch, Radi chooses what he wants to do – stand, sit, walk or get up. Then he moves his body to control the ReWalk exoskeleton. After choosing to walk, all he needs to do is lean forward. To stop he simply leans upright. 

‘For me it is amazing, the freedom, to be told I can walk after I thought I could never walk again is amazing,’ he said.


1. What is the ReWalk exoskeleton?


2. Name two things the suit can help people do.

__________________, ________________

3. Name three parts that the suit has?

_____________, ______________,_____________

4. Why can’t Amit Goffer walk?


5. How can Radi Kaiof use the ReWalk exoskeleton?


6. How does Radi Kaiof feel about using the ReWalk exoskeleton?