Present Simple & Present Progressive – 1- Answers

  1. I am reading (read) an interesting book about body language.
  2. We like (like) to spend our evenings at home. We usually listen (listen) to music, watch (watch) movies and talk (talk) about our day.
  3. George: Hey Lisa. It’s George calling.  Can I talk to your brother? Lisa: I’m sorry, Adam isn’t (be, not) here at the moment. He is playing (play) basketball with some friends. I’ll let him know you called.
  4. Richard has (have) two brothers and three sisters. He is getting (get) married this month and wants(want) to have a big family of his own.
  5. Turn down the volume. Julie is sleeping (sleep).
  6. When do you usually go (you, usually, go) out for lunch? What are you having (you, have) for lunch today?
  7. My close friends and I get together (get together) once a month.
  8. I take (take) guitar lessons every week.
  9. Jeremy visits (visit) his sister Ann in New york often. Every summer, he takes (takes) a long vacation from work and spends (spend) three weeks with Ann.
  10. They play (play) a game in the playstation every time they meet.

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