Present Simple Exercise – positive, negative or question

Make the present simple. Choose positive, negative or question.

  1. Sue goes to bed at ten o’clock.
  2. He speaks Italian.
  3. Do you live in London?
  4. Tom plays the piano.
  5. We have dinner at seven o’clock.
  6. Does Jamie work from home?
  7. Do you watch movies a lot?
  8. I leave home at eight every morning.
  9. They begin the practice at half past eight.
  10. We visit our family in December.
  11. We  don’t buy many clothes.
  12. Does she like to swim?
  13. Does she work in the city?
  14. Every year, they travel to the lake and look at birds.
  15. The bank opens at eight and closes at four o’clock.
  16. Do you love me?
  17. He works in the city center. He has a little shop where he repairs computers.
  18. Does Lucy study History?
  19. He visits his sister in New York every summer. But he never stays longer than a week.
  20. Emma and I are very close. We phone each other at least once a day.
  21. I wash the car on Sundays.
  22. Does John come from New Zealand?
  23. I feel that I don’t spend enough time with my friends.
  24. This milk tastes like vanilla.
  25. He doesn’t enjoy rock music.
  26. Oscar and Linda don’t travel with their children.
  27. We usually go to the beach on Friday or Saturday. It depends on the weather.
  28. How many children do you have?
  29. Stan listens to the radio regularly.
  30. How do you play this game?
  31. I don’t believe everything people tell me.
  32. Mike doesn’t read novels. He only reads sort stories.
  33. Alice has dance classes three times a week.
  34. We usually don’t eat breakfast.
  35. Oliver paints beautiful pictures.
  36. Does Lucy have a computer?
  37. It takes three hours to get here.
  38. Do you drink coffee?
  39. This camera costs $1,000.
  40. I like sports, and I enjoy playing basketball.
  41. Our team plays basketball very well.
  42. The team players respect what the coach asks them to do.
  43. Jerry always buys flowers at weekends.
  44. – Hurry up! The show starts  at 9 pm.
  45. – Don’t worry! We aren’t late.
  46. The baby cries during the night and sleeps during the day.