Present Progressive – Mixed Exercise 4 -Answers

1) (he / close the window)?

Is he closing the window?

2) (I / not / buy a new cell-phone)

I am not buying a new cell phone.

3) (the man / draw a caricature of me) 

The man is drawing a caricature of me.

4) (she / dry her hair)

She is drying her hair.

5) (Jason / get up now)

Jason is getting up now.

6) (the puppy / grow up really fast)

The puppy is growing up really fast.

7) (you / listen to me)?

Are you listening to me?

8) (I / not / point my finger at them)

I am not pointing my finger at them.

9) (he / not / throw the ball far enough)

He isn’t throwing the ball far enough.

10) (she / pick up the wallet)?

Is she picking up the wallet ?

11) (you / mix the vegetables)?

Are you mixing the vegetables?

12) (they / sell their old car)

Are they selling the old car?

13) (I / ask / too many questions)?

Am I asking too many questions?

14) (she / help the old man cross the street)

She is helping the old man cross the street.

15) (I / give you my guitar)

I am giving you my guitar.

16) (he / fix my toy)?

Is he fixing my toy?

17) (we / fly to Barcelona tonight)

We are flying to Barcelona tonight.

18) (you / wear your new jacket)?

Are you wearing your new jacket?

19) (the child / not / touch the animals)

The child isn’t touching the animals.

20) (I / not / shout )

I am not shouting.