Present Progressive-Mixed Exercise 3 – Answers

1) (she / get the present today)?

Is she getting the present today?

2) (we / save the candies for later)

We are saving the candies for later.

3) (the computer / make strange sounds)

The computer is making strange sounds.

4) (Robert / not / look at her)

Robert is not looking at her.

5) (I / bake a birthday cake)

I am baking a birthday cake.

6) (why / Susan / add more names to the list)?

Why is Susan adding more names to the list?

7) (they / start the party soon)?

Are they starting the party soon?

8) (he / not/ ride his bike to school today)

He isn’t riding his bike to school today.

9) (Michael / feed the dog)

Michael is feeding the dog.

10) (I / invite many friends to my party)

I am inviting many friends to my party.

11) (I / not / lie to you)

I am not lying to you.

12) (we / run home) 

We are running home.

13) (the ship / sail to Italy)

The ship is sailing to Italy.

14) Quiet! (she / speak)

Quiet! she is speaking.

15) (I / write an important email)

I am writing an important email.

16) (I / stop to say “Hello” this afternoon)

I am stopping to say “Hello” this afternoon.

 17) (they / build a new building on our street)

They are build a new building on our street.

18) (the kids / jump on the bed again)?

Are the kids jumping on the bed again?

19) (when / you / finish)?

When are you finishing?

20) (why / they / stand)?

Why are they standing?