Present Progressive – Mixed Exercise 2- Answers

1) (she / get the award today)?

Is she getting the award today?  

2) (I / meet Jane for coffee at four)

I am meeting Jane for coffee at four.

3) (I / cut the cake)

I am cutting the cake.

4) (Sarah / not / open the box)

Sarah isn’t opening the box.

5) (we / dance Salsa this evening)

We are dancing Salsa this evening.

6) (Thomas / count the sandwiches now)

Thomas is counting the sandwiches now.

7) (the student / not / answer the question)

The student isn’t answering the question.

8) (we / clean / the apartment right now)

We are cleaning the apartment right now.

9) (they / climb the mountain today)

They are climbing the mountain today.

10) (you / enjoy the show)?

Are you enjoying the show?

11) (Claudia / not / tell a story)

Claudia isn’t telling a story.

12) (I / think about you right now)

I am thinking about you right now.

13) (my brother / use the computer)

My brother is using the computer. 

14) (dad / call me)?

Is dad calling me?

15) (my parents / talk with the teacher now)

My parents are talking with the teacher now.

16) (I / take the dog out for a walk)

I am taking the dog out for a walk.

17) (we / swim in the sea now)

We are swimming in the sea now.

18) (we / study this evening)

We are studying this evening.

19) (Lucy and Steve / play the piano)

Lucy and Steve are playing the piano.

20) (what/ mom / cook for lunch)?

What is mom cooking for lunch?