Present Progressive – Mixed Exercise 1- Answers

1) (they / work now)

They are working now.

2)  (we / win the game)

We are winning the game.

3) (she / not / wash her hair)

She isn’t washing her hair. 

4) (the baby / cry)?

Is the baby crying?

5) (the player / catch the ball)? 

Is the player catching the ball?  

6) (he / not / do his job right)

He isn’t doing his job right.  

7) (I / fry eggs for dinner)

I am frying eggs for dinner.  

8) (I/ not / feel well)

I am not feeling well.  

9) (where / she / go now)?

Where is she going now? 

10) Allison is a student. (she / living in Paris now)

Allison is a student. She is living in Paris now. 

11) (I / put the box under the table)

I am putting the box under the table.  

12) (why / he / leave now)?

Why is he leaving now? 

13) (she / come at seven o’clock)

She is coming at seven o’clock

14) (we / go to the cinema this afternoon)

We are going to the cinema this afternoon. 

15) (she / say goodbye to her friends now)

She is saying goodbye to her friends now. 

16) (they / not / bring a cake)

They are not bringing a cake. 

17) (why / you / walk in the rain)?

Why are you walking in the rain?

18) (they / learn new things)?

They are learning new things. 

19) (you / try to do it again)?

Are you trying it again? 

20) (why / she / stay at home)?

Why is she staying at home.