Policemen cook dinner for an old couple – Level 2


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This is a true story. It happened in August in Rome, Italy. 

Four Policemen came to an apartment in Rome after neighbors called them.  People in the building heard an old couple crying in their apartment. This is why they called the police. The police came to check the apartment. They found the couple crying. “Why are you crying?”, they asked the old man and his wife. 

The old couple told the policemen “We watch the news on TV a lot and it always makes us feel very sad and lonely.” Jole is 84 years old. She saw the news and asked her husband, Michele, “Why is there is so much hate in the world?”. Michele told the policemen that family and friends didn’t come to visit them for a long time. He said they only had the TV.

The policemen felt sorry for the old couple. They checked if the couple had any food at home, and they found out that there was very little. It was difficult for the old couple to make food for some time.

One of the policemen cooked a simple but tasty dinner for the couple — spaghetti with parmesan cheese and butter, while the other three policemen chatted with them. They waited for the doctors to come and check the couple. They wanted them to be happy.