Past Simple – Write the Right Question- Answers

Write the right questions for the following underlined answers. Use past simple.

Q: Why did Mary take the red sweater. 

A: Mary took the red sweater because it was clean

Q: When did the Titanic sink?

A: The Titanic sank in 1912.

Q: Where did Sarah win first prize?

A: Sarah won first prize in Australia

Q: When were you in the party?

A: I was in the party last night

Q: Where was Suzan born?

A: Suzan was born in Barcelona.

Q: How did she come to work this morning?

A: She came to work by bus this morning. 

Q: Why was she scared?

A: She was scared because she climbed the mountain alone.

Q: Who won first prize?

A: Sarah won first prize.

Q: Were you surprised yesterday?

A: Yes, I was surprised yesterday.

Q: Were the children too noisy?

A: No, they weren’t too noisy.

Q: Who took the dog out for a walk?

A: My sister took the dog out.

Q: When did you live in New York?

A: I lived in New York three years ago.

Q: Why did she run a marathon? 

A: She ran a marathon because she wanted to be strong

Q: When did you hear Beyonce’s new song?

A: I heard Beyonce’s new song last week

Q: Did you go to university?

A: Yes, I went to university.

Q: Where did you live when you were a kid?

A: I lived in Tel Aviv when I were a kid.

Q: Did we eat all the chocolate last night?

A: Yes, you ate all the chocolate last night.

Q: Was his dog always hungry?

A: Yes, his dog was always hungry.

Q: Why did he sleep all day?

A: He slept all day because he was awake all night

Q: Who did you see at the weekend?

A: I saw my friends at the weekend. 

Q: Who gave you this present?

A: My best friend gave me this present. 

Q: Where was your holiday?

A: My holiday was in Thailand.

Q: Did you start your work?

A: Yes, I started my work. 

Q: Was it your father’s birthday yesterday?

A: Yes it was my father’s birthday yesterday. 

Q: How much did she pay?

A: She paid $10.