Fill in the blanks with the past simple form of the verb in brackets.

  1. Mrs Smith flew (fly) to Barcelona yesterday.
  2. Jason didn’t choose (not, choose) the red car.
  3. Did he wear (he, wear) his new jacket to the concert?
  4. Ben got (get) an award for good achievements at work.
  5. John didn’t explain (not, explain) his question.
  6. She didn’t give (not, give) an excuse for being late.
  7. We celebrated (celebrate) her party last week.
  8. Did her cousin come (her cousin, come) to the party?
  9. Did you understand (you, understand) the article?
  10. We were (be) late , so we missed (miss) the bus.
  11. Jan had (have) to do her assignment when she was on vacation.
  12. John left (leave) the house early in the morning.
  13. Tom broke (break) his arm when he fell (fall) down the stairs two days ago.
  14. When we went (go) into the shop last night, we bought (buy) a shirt for the costume, but we didn’t find (not, find) a hat.
  15. Why did George quit (George, quit) his job?
  16. Which film did you like (you, like) the best?
  17. How did you do (you, do) that?
  18. When I came (come) into the house, I looked for (look for) my sister , but she wasn’t (not, be) there.