Passive Voice – Exercise 1 – Answers

1. Everyone here speaks Spanish. 

Spanish is spoken by everyone here.


2. James is writing the email. 

The letter is being written by Tom.


3. When we came into the clinic the the doctor was treating the patients.

The patients were being treated by the doctor when we came into the clinic. 


4. When I came into the office they were interviewing her for the job.

She was being interviewed for the job.


5. NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers dismissed their head coach David Blatt in January. 

David Blatt was dismissed as Cleveland Cavaliers’ head coach in January. 


6. The coach instructed the players during the game . 

The players were instructed by the coach during the game.


7. The professor told her that her project was excellent. 

She was told by the professor that her project was excellent. 


8. They say that women live longer than men. 

Women are said to live longer than men.


9. That news surprised me. 

We were surprised by that news.


10. The Romans built aqueducts throughout their empire and introduced water into the cities.

Aqueducts were built by the Romans throughout their empire. 


11. Scientist believe that the ozone hole may affect climate.

It is believed that the ozone hole may affect climate.


12. He would reject the offer. 

The offer would be rejected by him.