Panorama- Unit 3- ANSWERS



  1. We had a car accident.
  2. He arrived home at six o’clock.
  3. The prisoner escaped. The police are working hard to catch him and put him back in in jail.
  4. Harry Potter is the main character of the film.
  5. A cleaner works at the museum every day. 
  6. The detective uses many clues to solve the mystery.
  7. I can’t trust people who are cruel to animals.
  8. The police sent a detective to check the crime scene and find clues.
  9. The two men ran away and disappeared behind the buildings.
  10. He dropped his mobile phone in the pool. 
  11. The book is a fairy tale about the sleeping princess
  12. He  fell asleep on the sofa while we were watching a movie.
  13. I finally found my bag after looking for it the whole week.
  14. The dog followed the children home.
  15. A group of tourists went into the museum. 


  1. The men are hiding in the forest and the police can’t find them. 
  2. They always answer the letters they get from their fans.
  3. The Everest is the highest mountain in the world. 
  4. Every Saturday my dad sits in the garden with his coffee and reads the newspaper. 
  5. Their neighbor is a hero. He ran into their burning apartment and saved the father.
  6. The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.
  7. They didn’t want to change their vacation plans.
  8. It was very kind of you to show me the way.
  9. They bought their girl a mobile phone to talk with her when she’s coming back from school. 
  10. She has written many adventure novels and murder mysteries.
  11. Once upon a time there was a prince called harry.
  12. The Macaw parrots live in the forests of costa rica. 
  13. These were hard times and they had to close the family business. 
  14. I sent Jane a text message to say that I’ll be late.
  15. He helped his neighbor carry her heavy bags. 
  16. I left you a note on the kitchen table.