Mind Matters – Unit 2

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forces of nature, discourage, infection, glamorous, highly recommend, inspired, to be decorated, be equipped withefforts, to be dependent on, descends, exceptional, haunted, lead a quiet life, life-threatening

  1. I want my bedroom _____________ with many paintings. 
  2. I like working on my own because I don’t want _____________ someone else.
  3. In the winter the temperature _____________ from 30˚c to 10˚c.
  4. My swimming coach doesn’t _____________ me, because he wants me to succeed.
  5. I put all of my _____________ into making this the best party ever.
  6. If you want to go on a hike, you must _____________ a lot of water and comfortable shoes.
  7. The runner ran as fast as he could, and got an _____________ score.
  8. I think that volcanoes and tornadoes are the greatest _____________.
  9. Celebrities don’t have such a _____________ life.
  10. I feel scared and _____________ a lot, because I believe in ghosts.
  11. Yesterday I saw an amazing movie that I _____________ you to watch.
  12. Unfortunately, after I swim I always get an ear _____________.
  13. I am _____________ by major inventors such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg.
  14. Some celebrities just want to quit and _____________.
  15. Last summer I had a _____________ experience when a shark almost attacked me! 


muscles, lower, to abandon, boxer, part, trailer, aching, back-up, navigation system, achievements, overcome, supporttraditional, modest, the will, professional

  1. Can you please _____________ the volume? It’s way too loud in here.
  2. The man that won the lottery was so _____________ that he gave all of the money to charity.
  3. My _____________ always hurt after I run.
  4. In order to drive to Eilat, we use a _____________ so that we don’t get lost.
  5. She needs to _____________ her fear of heights if she wants to fly overseas.
  6. I have to pass the audition in order to get the _____________ of Snow White.
  7. In Pesach we eat a_____________ bread called “Matza”.
  8. Before I go see a movie, I watch the _____________ to see if I like it.
  9. If you have _____________ to succeed, you shall be able to accomplish whatever you set your mind on.
  10. In the movie, the mother wanted _____________ her baby, but in the end she kept him.
  11. Running a marathon was one of my greatest _____________.
  12. My back is _____________ because yesterday I fell.
  13. I bought a _____________ DVD, in case we don’t like this movie. 
  14. Although it isn’t a safe sport, being a _____________ is my dream.
  15. I always _____________ my friends and tell them that they can do anything they set their mind to!
  16. I need to become a _____________ dancer if I want to perform on Broadway.

slip, realistic, scale, to gain, row, gym, role, competitive, cliff, to be affected, to hold the record, down to earth, to be challenged, to congratulate, rescued, qualities, determination, ceremony

  1. I don’t want _____________ by these terrible diseases.
  2. The wedding _____________ was on the beach.
  3. The boy that fell of the _____________ is feeling much better.
  4. I always want _____________, so every year I try a new sport.
  5. If I practice hard enough, I will become a _____________ swimmer.
  6. I would like _____________ you for your new baby girl !
  7. After I met my favorite celebrity, I couldn’t believe how _____________ she was.
  8. I go to the _____________ to stay fit and healthy.
  9. Thanks to my _____________ I kept running, didn’t give up and finished the race.
  10. Body builders need _____________ muscle in order to improve.
  11. When I grow up, I want _____________ for the fastest swimmer in the world.
  12. The most important _____________ that I look for in a friend are loyalty and honesty.
  13. Wow! This doll looks so _____________, I almost thought that it was a person.
  14. The fireman _____________ the cat from the fire and save his life.
  15. Sarah is going to play the _____________ of the nurse in “Romeo and Juliet”.
  16. It’s hard for me to _____________ the boat because my arms are too weak.
  17. When she stepped on the _____________, she found out that she lost 5 kilos!
  18. You shouldn’t run on the wet floors, you might _____________ and hurt yourself.

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Keep Thinking – Unit 2

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discover, common, formula, fell in love with, appearance, audience, comment, expect, convincing, accidentally, awful, actually, company, fault, comedian

  1. Oops, I _____________ dropped my phone on the floor!
  2. We look like sisters but _____________ we are just friends.
  3. Never judge a person by their _____________.
  4. The _____________ loved the show so much, they wouldn’t stop clapping !
  5. I don’t think I’ll come to school today, I feel _____________.
  6. Everyone tells me that I’m funny and that I should be a _____________.
  7. I agree with your _____________ on the subject.
  8. Having blue eyes is very _____________ in Russia.
  9. I work at my dad’s _____________ on Sundays.
  10. The end of the movie wasn’t very _____________.
  11. Everyday kids _____________ something new. 
  12. I’m so nervous for my first day at work, I don’t know what to _____________.
  13. I promise I didn’t do it, it’s not my _____________!
  14. They invented a special _____________ that can solve any math problem.
  15. This Summer I really _____________ Sarah, the girl from my neighborhood.


react, inherit, plot, performer, prediction, inspire, realize, pressure, claim, pretend, negative, however, pause, kind-hearted, reaction, hilarious, polite, predictable

  1. I just heard the most _____________ joke ever, I can’t stop laughing.
  2. The doctor said I was fine, _____________ I still feel very sick.
  3. I hope my children will _____________ my blue eyes.
  4. One day I hope to _____________ people all over the world, and make them feel like they can do anything!
  5. He is such a _____________ person, he is always nice to everyone no matter what.
  6. If you are a _____________ person, try think about all of the little things that you are grateful for.
  7. Can you please _____________ the video, I need to answer the phone.
  8. I want to be a _____________ on Broadway some day.
  9. The _____________ of the movie was a bit different from the book.
  10. People from England are very _____________.
  11. The end of the movie was so _____________, I just knew it!
  12. Sarah’s _____________ came true, there really was a storm in the middle of July! 
  13. I feel under _____________ when I need to make a speech in front of an audience.
    I never _____________ to be someone’s friend because it’s like lying to them. 
  14. I don’t know how I would _____________ if I saw a lion outside it’s cage. 
  15. When he found out his wife was pregnant, his _____________ was hilarious. 
  16. It took me an hour to _____________ that I left the house wearing slipper. 


sarcastic, according to, teamwork, stranger, setup, rude, response, wonder, ridiculous, respond, study, researcher, subject, be supposed to, self-confidence, situation

  1. I want to be a _____________ and find a cure for cancer.
  2. I’m sorry it took me a while to _____________. I couldn’t find my phone.
  3. I haven’t received a _____________ from her, I wonder why she isn’t answering.
  4. He told the teacher a _____________ excuse, I don’t understand how she believed him!
  5. Tom apologized for being so _____________ to Mary.
  6. Sometimes I am _____________ but people think I am trying to be rude. 
  7. Usually your _____________ improves at age 17, and you feel better about yourself.
  8. It took me a while to learn the _____________ of the office’s filing system.

  9. In a scary _____________ like this, you should call the police.
  10. Never accept candy from a _____________!
  11. I read a _____________ about how sugar affects your health.
  12. My favorite _____________ at school is History.
  13. The soccer team used _____________ to win the game.
  14. I _____________ how many people are sleeping right now.
  15. _____________ researchers at the university, ants can teach us how to control crowds. 
  16. You _____________ be doing your homework! Not playing on your phone. 


on stage, recent, get along, come naturally, kicked out, bring out the best in, rebel against, punch line, walk in someone’s shoes, movie review, cracked up, come true, turns into, in order to, rolling in the aisles

  1. Good friends _____________ you, because they know you well.
  2. Acting didn’t always _____________ to her.
  3. I believe my dream will  _____________!
  4. All the girls _____________ when they heard him . He’s such a funny guy.
  5. Even best friends don’t always _____________.
  6. You need special shoes _____________ go hiking.
  7. The boy was _____________ of class because he was rude to the teacher. 
  8. The _____________ says that the main actor gave an excellent performance. 
  9. Performers say that they feel alive when they are  _____________
  10. I don’t like jokes that have a rude _____________.
  11. The group decided to _____________ the government.
  12. I have the best jokes you’ve ever heard, I’ll have the audience _____________!
  13. My little brother _____________ a young man so quickly!
  14. Don’t judge people before you try to _____________.
  15. I have to tell you all about my _____________ trip to India. 

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Under Pressure – Queen

“Under Pressure”

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, no man ask for
Under pressure that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

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Ludwik the Hairless Guinea Pig

If your pet loves dressing up in costumes, you may have a star on your hands. Ludwik is a hairless guinea pig. He looks like a mix between a mini hippo and a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are popular pets. They weigh 700 to 1,100 grams and even squeal like pigs. Guinea pigs are social animals. They like to play, be around people, and they love to eat. Ludwick is famous all over the internet because he’s a model. A Polish woman named Agata Nowacka discovered him in a pet store, but he wasn’t healthy. He was sick and abandoned. Ludwik’s owner took him home and brought the animal back to life. She fell in love with Ludwik and began to photograph him. He then became a star on Instagram and facebook. The stylish guinea pig models at photoshoots and loves the camera. Even Ludwik’s girlfriend models in some photoshoots with him. They love playing dress up, but their fans love it even more! If you want to learn more about Ludwik, follow him on Instagram.



Golden Retriever Saves Man


Practice the Words

Kelsey the Golden Retriever and her owner, Bob have a special bond. Bob is a 64 year old man. He lives alone in his house in Michigan, USA. Kelsey is very loyal to Bob and is always keeping him safe.

One cold winter night, Bob ran out of firewood. It was freezing and Bob was wearing his pajamas so he thought, “what can I do?” It was around 10:30 pm when he went outside to get some more firewood to keep his house warm. Bob slipped and fell down. Bob was hurt badly. He broke his neck and needed to see a doctor, but he couldn’t move. He was lying on the snow, shivering, wearing only his pajamas. The only thing he could do was scream for help. His neighbors lived far away and couldn’t hear Bob scream. There was no one at that time of night to help him.

Bob was so happy when he suddenly saw his dog, Kelsey, come to help him. Together, they barked and screamed for help, but soon, Bob lost his voice and couldn’t speak. Kelsey stayed with him all night. For the next 20 hours, she didn’t stop barking for help. She was lying on top of Bob to keep him warm. She kept licking his face and hands to keep him awake. She didn’t leave him until in the morning, a neighbor heard Kelsey’s bark and found Bob on the snow. The neighbor took Bob to the hospital where he got help. Kelsey is a hero. She saved Bob’s life.

The Pros and Cons of Playing Online Games


Gaming is a rapidly growing industry that’s worth almost $510,280,000. While some have positive experiences, others feel gaming isn’t time well spent. One gamer describes his experience in an article from The Sun.

Former professional gamer James Perrott is a 26-year-old from Peterborough who started playing computer games at the age of 15. He then slowly began spending more and more time in front of the screen. By the time he was in university, he was skipping classes and staying up late to play the games: “I’d skip lectures and stay up gaming until 2 or 3am, then sleep until midday. I’d get takeaways instead of cooking just so I could continue gaming…It became my whole life when I started competing at tournaments all over the UK and Europe.”

When Perrott realized he was in danger of failing his finals, he decided to give up his hobby. Although he struggled balancing his studies with gaming, he feels it allowed him to meet people from all over the world, practice skills such as teamwork, and respond quickly to various situations.

Of course, there are plenty of people who believe gaming not only has multiple benefits, but can actually create a better world. Game creator Jane McGonigal is one such person. In her TED talk she said that gaming could help solve problems like poverty, obesity, climate change, hunger, and global conflicts because of the skills gamers learn while playing. Some of those skills include:

  • Urgent optimism (“the desire to act immediately to tackle an obstacle combined with the belief that we have a reasonable hope of success”)
  • Making connections (according to McGonigal, it takes a certain level of trust to play a game with someone as we have to trust that they’ll invest their time in us, follow the rules, and complete the game itself.
  • Achieving Goals (during gaming we’re more likely to look past failures and keep playing until we reach our goals)

McGonigal argues that if gamers have the mentality that they can change a virtual world, imagine would they could accomplish in the real world.

Clearly, the pastime has its share of pros and cons. Below are a couple of examples of each.


Gaming Creates A Diverse Social Life

Even though you’re not interacting with people in person, one is able to meet fellow players and develop a different sort of social life through gaming.

It Increases One’s Ability to Problem Solve

Researchers from the Netherlands discovered that teens who played video games involving strategy had strong problem solving skills.

The Hobby Improves Decision Making Skills

Online games encourage players to think on their feet and make quick decisions, which they can then apply to real life scenarios.

Gamers Have Good Hand-eye coordination

Researchers found that Boston junior surgeons who spent time gaming as children and teens had better hand-eye coordination and surgical skills


It Promotes Obesity

Gaming all day isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to forget that the body needs exercise and fresh air to run effectively. The Sun reported that on average, 17-year-old boys burned 21 calories per hour, but then ate 80 calories afterwards.

Some Gamers Develop Tendon Issues

NINTENDONITIS, PlayStation thumb and Wii fracture are all medical conditions which patients have presented to doctors in the UK after excessive gaming. A study found kids who game for more than two hours a day are at an increased risk of lower back pain.

It Can Turn Into An Addiction

Gaming can lead to a loss of reality. China is one of the only countries with Internet addiction centers to help those who need to break free of the habit.

It Isn’t A Cheap Habit

The cost of games, consoles, monitors, software, and more all add up, making gaming a not-so cheap activity.

It Can Contribute to Violence

Exposure to violent video games is a risk factor in aggression in game players.

This is an interesting and controversial point – some people don’t agree that it leads to violence.



Eat Your Picture


Practice the Words

Do you ever say to yourself “these broccoli heads are beautiful like a forest ” or “this bread is beautiful like a mountain”? Well you’re not crazy if you do. When Carl Warner looks at broccoli and bread he sees much more than just his lunch. He sees beautiful art. Continue reading