Walking in the Jungle


I see an elephant.

The Elephant is big.

It is a smart animal.

It has a long nose.

Clean Bandit – Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

(feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)

Call it love and devotion
Call it a mom’s adoration
A special bond of creation,

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Past Simple- Yes /No Questions and Tag Answers

Make Yes /No questions and write tag answers


(you / see Dan last week?) 

Did you see Dan last week?

-Yes, I did.

– No, I didn’t.

1. (it / rain yesterday?) _______________________________________________________________ 


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Policemen cook dinner for an old couple


This is a true story. It happened in August in Rome, Italy. 

People hear an old couple crying in their apartment. They call the police. The police come to check the apartment. They find the couple crying. “Why are you crying?”, they ask the old man and his wife. 

The old couple tell them “We feel very sad and lonely after watching the news.” Jole is 84 years old. She sees the news and says to her husband, Michele, “there is so much hate in the world”. Michele tells the policemen that family and friends don’t come to see them. They only have the TV and they feel very lonely.

The policemen feel sorry for the old couple. They cook some pasta and make dinner for them. The policemen wait for the doctors to come and check the couple. They want them to be happy. 

Space Oddity – DAVID BOWIE

Space Oddity

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills 
and put your helmet onGround Control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown, 
engines on
Check ignition 
and may God’s love be with you

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Verb Riddles

Find the right verb from verbs 1-20

When I am hurt, I sometimes ….

When I go away, I sometimes …. back

If I run, I … a lot of water.

If something breaks, I … it

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Past Simple – Positive and Negative

Put the verbs in Past Simple

  1. I _____________ (read) this story on the internet.
  2. A few years ago a police officer in America _____________ (need) a dog to help him with his police work. 
  3. He _____________ (decide) to get a good police dog from Israel. 
  4. He _____________ (know) that dogs that are trained in Israel are the best. 
  5. He _____________ (be) lucky. 
  6. In Israel, he _____________ (get) a beautiful, three-year old German Shepherd. 
  7. He _____________ (take) it to the USA. 
  8. But then, the trouble _____________ (start).
  9. The dog _____________ (not, understand) what the police officer said. 
  10. The police officer _____________  (learn) the commands פקודות in Hebrew. 
  11. But the dog still _____________ (not, understand).
  12. The police officer _____________ (not, know) what to do. 
  13. Then he _____________ (have) an idea.
  14. He _____________ (go) to a rabbi. 
  15. He  _____________ (ask) the rabbi to teach him how to say the commands correctly in Hebrew. 
  16. It was amazing! The dog  _____________ (understand) the police officer and everyone _____________ (be) happy. 
  17. Miky the dog _____________ (be) born in Holland and police officers _____________ (bring) him to Israel to train him. 
  18. The police officer and Miky even _____________(help out) during a visit by president Obama. 

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