Ludwik the Hairless Guinea Pig

Does your pet love to dress up in costumes mr-or-mrs-potato-head-deluxe-adult-costume-bc-69900.jpg?

Maybe you may have a star on your hands.

Ludwik is a hairless 1.jpg guinea pig.

He looks like a mix between a mini hippo and a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are popular pets.

They weigh 700 to 1,100 grams and even squeal like pigs.

Guinea pigs are friendly animals.

They like to play, be around people, and they love to eat.

Ludwick is famous all over the internet because he’s a model.

One day, a Polish woman named Agata Nowacka found him in a pet shop.

She looked at him and said “This animal isn’t healthy. He is sick and alone. I will take him home and bring him back to life.

So what happens next is that she falls in love with Ludwik and starts to photograph him.

He then becomes a star on Instagram and facebook. The stylish guinea pig models at photoshoots and loves the camera.

Even Ludwik’s girlfriend models in some photoshoots with him.

They love playing dress up, but their fans love it even more!

If you want to learn more about Ludwik, follow him on Instagram.