Keep Thinking – Unit 2- ANSWERS


discover, common, formula, fell in love with, appearance, audience, comment, expect, convincing, accidentally, awful, actually, company, fault, comedian

  1. Oops, I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor!
  2. We look like sisters but actually we are just friends.
  3. Never judge a person by their appearance.
  4. The audience loved the show so much, they wouldn’t stop clapping !
  5. I don’t think I’ll come to school today, I feel awful.
  6. Everyone tells me that I’m funny and that I should be a comedian.
  7. I agree with your comment on the subject.
  8. Having blue eyes is very common in Russia.
  9. Apple is a big company which succeeded thanks to very good teamwork.
  10. The end of the movie wasn’t very convincing.
  11. Everyday kids discover something new. 
  12. I’m so nervous for my first day at work, I don’t know what to expect.
  13. I promise I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault!
  14. They invented a special formula that can solve any math problem.
  15. This Summer I really fell in love with Sarah, the girl from my neighborhood.


react, inherit, plot, performer, prediction, inspire, realize, pressure, claim, pretend, negative, however, pause, kind-hearted, reaction, hilarious, polite, predictable

  1. I just heard the most hilarious joke ever, I can’t stop laughing.
  2. The doctor said I was fine. However, I still feel very sick.
  3. I hope my children will inherit my blue eyes.
  4. One day I hope to inspire people all over the world, and make them feel like they can do anything!
  5. He is such a kind-hearted person, he is always nice to everyone no matter what.
  6. If you are a negative person, try think about all of the little things that you are grateful for.
  7. Can you please pause the video, I need to answer the phone.
  8. I want to be a performer on Broadway some day.
  9. The plot of the movie was a bit different from the book.
  10. People from England are very polite.
  11. The end of the movie was so predictable, I just knew it!
  12. Sarah’s prediction came true, there really was a storm in the middle of July!
  13. I feel under pressure when I need to make a speech in front of an audience.
    I never pretend to be someone’s friend because it’s like lying to them.
  14. I don’t know how I would react if I saw a lion outside it’s cage.
  15. When he found out his wife was pregnant, his reaction was hilarious.
  16. It took me an hour to realize that I left the house wearing slippers.


sarcastic, according to, teamwork, stranger, setup, rude, response, wonder, ridiculous, respond, study, researcher, subject, are supposed to, self-confidence, situation

  1. I want to be a researcher and find a cure for cancer.
  2. I’m sorry it took me a while to respond. I couldn’t find my phone.
  3. I haven’t received a response from her, I wonder why she isn’t answering.
  4. He told the teacher a ridiculous excuse, I don’t understand how she believed him!
  5. Tom apologized for being so rude to Mary.
  6. Sometimes I am sarcastic but people think I am trying to be rude.
  7. Usually your self-confidence improves at age 17, and you feel better about yourself.
  8. It took me a while to learn the setup of the office’s filing system.
  9. In a scary situation like this, you should call the police.
  10. Never accept candy from a stranger!
  11. I read a study about how sugar affects your health.
  12. My favorite subject at school is History.
  13. The soccer team used teamwork to win the game.
  14. I wonder how many people are sleeping right now.
  15. According to researchers at the university, ants can teach us how to control crowds. 
  16. You are supposed to be doing your homework! Not playing on your phone.


on stage, recent, get along, come naturally, kicked out, bring out the best in, rebel against, punch line, walk in someone’s shoes, movie review, cracked up, come true, turns into, in order to, rolling in the aisles

  1. Good friends bring out the best in you, because they know you well.
  2. Acting didn’t always come naturally to her.
  3. I believe my dream will  come true!
  4. All the girls cracked up when they heard him . He’s such a funny guy.
  5. Even best friends don’t always get along.
  6. You need special shoes in order to go hiking.
  7. The boy was kicked out of class because he was rude to the teacher.
  8. The movie review says that the main actor gave an excellent performance.
  9. Performers say that they feel alive when they are  on stage.
  10. I don’t like jokes that have a rude punch line.
  11. The group decided to rebel against the government.
  12. I have the best jokes you’ve ever heard, I’ll have the audience rolling in the aisles!
  13. My little brother turns into a young man so quickly!
  14. Don’t judge people before you try to walk in someone’s shoes.
  15. I have to tell you all about my recent trip to India.