Jobs and Genders


Firefighters and nurses


Many jobs are genderstereotyped. Firefighting is thought of as a man’s job, whereas nursing is thought of as women’s work. 

These stereotypes shape our expectations about whether a man or a woman is a better “fit” for a given job. Studies have shown that these stereotypes are powerful because they can influence many employment outcomes. For exampe, they influence the chances that a man or a woman will apply for the job or that he or she will be hired. These stereotypes also influence the pay a worker would receive and even the way managers look at the worker’s performance and decide whether he or she should get a promotion.

Such stereotypes might also affect the level of respect that people are willing to give the man or woman who works in that job. 

So why are most teachers female and police officers men? Are men better at physical labor? Do men make better bus drivers? There are traditional views of jobs for men and women. But there are, on the other hand, people challenging the stereotype


Write a Composition of Opinion 

Many People think that all types of work are suitable for both women and men. 

Do you agree?