Complete the sentences with the right word from the word bank.

admitted, customer, arrangements, among, contact, bottom, complaints, apparently, attach, accused

  1. You must make sure to _____________ the rope firmly before attempting to climb down it.
  2. He stood at the _____________ of the stairs and called up to me.
  3. I saw a few familiar faces _____________ the crowd.
  4. She _____________ me of lying?
  5. I have taken care of all the travel _____________.
  6. The gang _____________ they committed four bank robberies.
  7. I heard a rumour that she’s leaving, but _____________ it’s not true.

  8. The company has received many _____________ from dissatisfied customers.
  9. You can _____________ the manager directly on this number, or at his website address.
  10.  The manager keeps doing everything he can to improve _____________ satisfaction שביעות רצון. 

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