I, II, and III Conditional Sentences – 2

Make the first, second or third conditional. 

  1. He won’t forgive (not, forgive) you unless you tell (tell) him the truth. (I)
  2. I would buy (buy) the new playstation VR headset if it cost (cost) less. I would use it at the party next week. (II)
  3. I won’t pass (not pass) the driving test unless I take (take) a few more driving lessons. I still need to practice and feel more confident on the road. (I)
  4. If she had had (have) enough support from management , she would have gone ahead (go ahead) with her plans. Unfortunately, they didn’t support her so the company eventually lost a lot of money. 
  5. I would have called (call) you if I had forgot (not/forget) my phone. (III)
  6. If SpaceIL lands (land) a spacecraft on the moon that can travel 500 m and send back pictures, they will win (win) the contest. (I)
  7. If he were (be) younger, he would travel (travel) more. 
  8. If she calls (call) me, tell (tell) her I’ll get back to her later. (I)
  9. If we had arrived (arrive) earlier, we might have seen (see) the Lunar eclipse. (III)
  10. It I were (be) you, I would ask (ask) for a promotion. (II)