I, II, and III Conditional Sentences – 1 Answers

Make the first, second or third conditional. 

  1. If I go (go) to Leipzig, I’ll visit the zoo.
  2. If it didn’t rain (not, rain) , we’d be in the garden.
  3. If you had worn (wear) a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier.
  4. We would have watched (watch)  TV last night if Peter hadn’t bought the theatre tickets.
  5. I would buy (buy) a new computer if I afforded (afford) it. But I can’t afford it. 
  6. She wouldn’t have had two laptops last year if she hadn’t signed (not signed) the contract.
  7. If I was/were a millionaire, I would live (live) in Beverly Hills.
  8. If all nations united  (unit) in their efforts to reduce hunger, there’s be less of it in the world. 
  9. You would save energy if you switched off (switch off) the lights more often.
  10. If we had read the book, we would understand (understand) the film.
  11. I would fix (fix) my own car if I knew (know) how to do it. But I don’t know anything about car mechanics. 
  12. They would have arrived (arrive) at the show on time if they hadn’t missed the train.
  13. My sister could score better on these tests if the teacher explained (explain) the grammar more often.
  14. If Tina had (have) a new hair-style, I think she would look (look) much nicer. 
  15. If I tell you this secret, tell (tell) no one else. 
  16. If we go to the desert, we must plan (plan) the route carefully, because you can easily get lost there. 
  17. What will Tina do if Adam asks (ask) her to marry him?