Conditional – Complete the Sentence

1st Conditional 

If you freeze water,

If I’m hungry,

If I get exercise and fresh air, 

If it rains,

If I eat too much chocolate,

If I’m tired,

If a guy asks me out on a date,

If I get invited to the party,

If I get a grant to study wherever I want,

2nd Conditional 

If someone bullied me, 

If I were an activist,

If I had a great idea for a startup,

If I changed my hairstyle,

If I didn’t have to study,

If I were very rich,

If I won the lottery,

If I had a superpower,

If I were a king or queen,

If I could chose any country to live in,

If we had a different prime minister,

If I could change the past,

If I traveled in India right now, 

If I were good in chess,

3rd Conditional

If I had apologized to her,