Comparatives and Superlatives – Answers

Fill in the correct form of the adjective in brackets.

  1. The amazon river in the largest river in the world. (large)
  2. Kids learn faster than adults. (fast)
  3. This street is a lot narrower than the main street. (narrow)
  4. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. (big)
  5. The smell of this flower is not as strong as the smell of that one. (strong)
  6. Today is one of the happiest days of my life. (happy)
  7. This model of camera is more popular in America than in Europe. (popular)
  8. Math was the most interesting subject in school in my opinion. (interesting)
  9. James is not as tall as as his sister. (tall)
  10. This mobile phone has better features than that one. (good)
  11. Jane always says she’s just as strong as any boy. (strong)
  12. There were fewer people at the concert than I had expected. (few)
  13. A vacation in Asia is cheaper than a vacation in Europe. (cheap) 
  14. I think that being a good student is more important than having many friends. (important)
  15. Being a good friend is easier than you think. (easy)
  16. The flight to Australia was the longest flight I have ever taken. (long)
  17. That was the worst meal I have ever eaten. (bad)
  18. How can we make ‘learning’ as attractive as ‘playing’? (attractive)
  19. The new city is not as beautiful as the old city. (beautiful)
  20. She always feels she is not as smart as her twin sister. (smart)