Make the Question 2- Present Simple

Make the question according to the answers marked. 


A: I drink mineral water after the practice.

2. Q:

A: Sarah and Linda feed the elephants at the zoo.

3. Q:

A: They live in ParisContinue reading

Make the Question 1- Present Simple

Make the right question.

1. Q:

A: Yes, she works at the office.

2. Q:

A: We meet at Aroma cafe every Tuesday. 

3. Q:

A: Sue brings the box every day.

4. Q:

A: John is at the park with friends .  Continue reading

Past Simple – Write the Right Question

Write the right questions for the following underlined answers. Use past simple.

  • Remember:  when the main verb is ‘be‘ (was/ were) don’t add the helping verb ‘did‘. Just move the verb be before the subject. 
  • Remember: in questions about the subject you replace the subject with the question word ‘Who’ (for people) or ‘What’ (for things). 

Q: __________________________________? 

A: Mary took the red sweater because it was clean

Q: __________________________________? 

A: The Titanic sank in 1912.

Q: __________________________________? 

A: Sarah won first prize in Australia

Q: __________________________________? 

A: I was in the party last night

Q: __________________________________? 

A: Suzan was born in Barcelona Continue reading

Subject Questions

Write the questions for the following answers. 

1. Q:

A: Shira was here last night

2. Q: 

A: Mr. Bond lived in that house.

3. Q:

A: Peter is taking the children to the park.

4. Q:

A: The wolf made that sound.

5. Q:

A: David solved the problem. 

6. Q:

A: My neighbors make a lot of noise. 

7. Q:

A: Amanda called you. 

8. Q:

A: The car hit a tree. 

9. Q:

A: Sophia and I met yesterday.

Simple Present Yes/No Questions

Make a question with do/ does and the main verb.

1. ________________________

Yes, I like pizza.

2. ________________________

No, I don’t drink coffee.

3. ________________________

No, he doesn’t play basketball. 

4. ________________________

Yes, I go shopping on Friday.

5. ________________________ Continue reading

Present Simple ‘Yes / No’ Questions with ‘Be’

Make a question with am / is / are 


Yes, it is good food. 

2. ______________________

Yes, John is at home.

3. ______________________

Yes, she is happy.

4. ______________________

No, it is not brown.

5. ______________________

Yes, they are American.  Continue reading

Questions in the Present Tenses

Write the right question according to the marked answer. 

It can be in the Present Simple or the Present Progressive. 

Exercise 1

1) ________________________________________

John is at the park with friends .

2) ________________________________________

Yes, she is working at the office at the moment.

3) ________________________________________ Continue reading