Make the Question 2- Present Simple

Make the question according to the answers marked. 


A: I drink mineral water after the practice.

2. Q:

A: Sarah and Linda feed the elephants at the zoo.

3. Q:

A: They live in ParisContinue reading

Questions about the Subject- Present Simple 

Make the right questions according to marked answer.

1. Q: 

A: Mr. Green lives in that house. 

2. Q: 

A: This costume attracts a lot of attention. 

3. Q: 

A: Peter is at the hospital.  Continue reading

Make the Question 1- Present Simple

Make the right question.

1. Q:

A: Yes, she works at the office.

2. Q:

A: We meet at Aroma cafe every Tuesday. 

3. Q:

A: Sue brings the box every day.

4. Q:

A: John is at the park with friends .  Continue reading

Present Simple Exercise 2 – positive



The elephant ______ (be) the planet’s largest land animal. It ______ (stand) up to 3 meters tall and __________ (weigh) up to 6,000 kilos.

Elephants _________ (have) complex brains and _________ (be) very clever and sensitive. They ________ (care)  for their families and ________ (remember) faraway places and old pals. In fact, when elephants _________ (spot) friends, they often _________ (show) affection by wrapping their trunks together or resting them on each other’s foreheads.  Continue reading

Present Simple and Progressive – Exercise 3

Complete the text below. Use Present Simple or Present Progressive.

1. Every Tuesday, Jane _________ (drive) her kids to basketball practice. 

2. Usually, I _________(work) as a secretary at CBS, but this summer I _________(study) Spanish at a language school in Madrid. That is why I am in Madrid. 

3. Shhhhh! Be quiet! Lucas _________(sleep) . 

4. Don’t forget to take your umbrella. It _________(rain) . 

5. I hate living in Ireland because it _________(rain, always) . 

6. I’m sorry I can’t hear what you _________(say) because everybody _________(talk) so loudly.  Continue reading

Simple Present Yes/No Questions

Make a question with do/ does and the main verb.

1. ________________________

Yes, I like pizza.

2. ________________________

No, I don’t drink coffee.

3. ________________________

No, he doesn’t play basketball. 

4. ________________________

Yes, I go shopping on Friday.

5. ________________________ Continue reading

Present Simple ‘Yes / No’ Questions with ‘Be’

Make a question with am / is / are 


Yes, it is good food. 

2. ______________________

Yes, John is at home.

3. ______________________

Yes, she is happy.

4. ______________________

No, it is not brown.

5. ______________________

Yes, they are American.  Continue reading