Past Progressive & Past Simple

Write the verb in Past Progressive or Past Simple.

Notice the time expressions in orange.

1) What __________  (you/do) when I __________ (call) you last night?

2) I __________ (swim) in the pool when you __________ (call).

3) When you  __________ (enter) the house, what __________  (the burglar, do)?

4) He __________ (open) all the drawers in the bedroom closet.

5) What __________  (he, do) when he __________  (see) you?

6) He __________ (jump out) the window and __________  (run away).

7) We __________  (hike) in the mountains when John  __________ (hurt) his ankle.  Continue reading

Tenses in Symbols

This picture helps remember the uses of English tenses.


(every, this) moment > progressive tenses
already > perfect tenses
generally > simple tenses