Rihanna – Diamonds

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Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamondFind light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky

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Under Pressure – Queen

“Under Pressure”

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, no man ask for
Under pressure that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

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Clean Bandit – Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

(feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)

Call it love and devotion
Call it a mom’s adoration
A special bond of creation,

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Space Oddity – DAVID BOWIE

Space Oddity

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills 
and put your helmet onGround Control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown, 
engines on
Check ignition 
and may God’s love be with you

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Meghan Trainor – NO


I think it’s so cute and I think it’s so sweet
How you let your friends encourage you to try and talk to me
But let me stop you there, oh, before you speak
“Nah” to the “Ah” to the “No”, “No”, “No”My name is “No”
My sign is “No”
My number is “No”
You need to let it go
You need to let it go
Need to let it go
“Nah” to the “Ah” to the “No”, “No”, “No”

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Little Mix – Move


Hey baby 
Tell me your name
I got a fever for you
I just can’t explain
But there’s just one problem
I’m a bit old school
When it comes to loving
I ain’t chasing you
Ain’t waiting
I’m on a roll
You’ve got to let yourself go
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Never Forget You – Zara Larsson MNEK

Never Forget You
(with MNEK)

[Zara Larsson:]
I used to be so happy
But without you here I feel so low
I watched you as you left but I can never seem to let you go
‘Cause once upon a time you were my everything
It’s clear to see that time hasn’t changed a thing
It’s buried deep inside me but I feel there’s something you should know

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