Fair Play

Runner gives up her race to help another runner in the Rio Olympics 


We’re in the 5,000 meter race at the Rio Olympic Games. Runner Nikki Hamblin, from New Zealand, takes a bad fall. She trips up the United States runner, Abbey D’Agostino. The American gets back up, and helps Hamblin back to her feet. She wants to help her to finish the race. D’Agostino is hurt badly from the fall and falls down again. This time it is  Hamblin who helps her get up. Together, they finish the race well after the other runners. They hug and cry at the finish line. 
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Should the Voting Age be Lowered to 16?


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Lowering the Voting Age to 16: Views for and Against

In many areas of the world, once you turn 16-years-old you’re eligible for a special right, a right that allows you to take part in shaping your community and your nation. Countries such as Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, and Nicaragua have already lowered the voting age to 16. In 1971, the United States lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, after millions of Americans protested against the Vietnam war and declared that if 18-year-olds were old enough to fight and die for their country, they should be able to vote in federal elections as well. Now there’s a push to make the voting age 16. Is lowering the age beneficial or problematic? Continue reading

Speaking- useful phrases


Speaking- useful phrases

Comparing: Contrasting:
In the same way


Be similar to

Not only… but also




More/less than

Both/ as well/ also/ too

On the one/ other hand

Instead of

Rather than


In contrast to

As opposed to

But/ however

While/ whereas

Although/ though/ even though

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Ways to Deal with Stress

How stress affects your brain

How to Deal with Stress


Exercise – Be active

Physical activity is an incredible way of reducing and preventing the effects of stress, but you don’t have to be an athlete or spend hours in a gym to experience the benefits. Just about any kind of physical activity can help reduce stress and get rid of anger, tension, and frustration. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, and it can also be used as a great distraction to your daily worries. In addition to reducing stress, physical activity also helps you stay in shape and is great for your health.

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Movie Reviews



The movie “Skyfall”, that came out in 2012 was directed by Sam Mendes, starring Daniel Craig as the one and only – James Bond, also known as agent 007. Skyfall is the 23rd James Bond film. For a film that is 143-minute long (the second longest Bond film), Skyfall doesn’t feel like it drags and it is an exciting, entertaining film. I think it’s one of the best Bonds ever.

When James Bond’s latest assignment goes terribly wrong, it leads to a turn of events. Undercover agents around the world are exposed, and MI6 is attacked, forcing them to relocate the agency. The head of M16 turns to the one man she can trust: James Bond. Although he fails the physical and psychological examinations, the head of M16 allows him to return to the field. Bond takes on the challenge and heads off on his mission. From the opening in Istanbul to the final shootout in Scotland, this film is as action filled as it can get. Daniel Craig looks older and more mature. This is a Bond who has something to prove, physically and even mentally.  Continue reading

Olympic Games: Fact or Fiction?

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Are the following stories true or false?

The 1904 Olympic games included a side-competition for third world tribesmen


The 1904 Olympic Games included a side-competition for third world tribesmen in addition to the traditional Olympic sports. The strange and controversial event was called “Anthropology Days”. As part of the two-day contest, the third world tribesmen were taken from a “human zoo” and encouraged to try the Olympic sports. These men were paid to participate in traditional Olympic sports such as the long jump, archery and javelin throw and also in specially made contests such as pole climb and mud throwing. The tribesmen received almost no instruction and most of them didn’t perform very well. Continue reading

Prefixes and Sufixes


Negative prefixes

Prefix Added to Example
un  adjectivesadverbs




dis  verbsnouns disagreedisagreement
mis  adjectivesverbs




in – im -(+b,p,m)il -(+l)ir -(+r) adjectivesnouns






de  devalue
ab  abnormal -amoral
non  nonviolent
anti  antisocial
mal  maladjusted

Other prefixes

prefix  meaning example
Pre  before Premature  preheat
Co  con  col  com  cor  together Corresponding  collective  cooperative
In   im  up Increase
In   im  inside Internal   import
Ex  outside Export
Ex  former Ex-husband
Inter  between International
Re  again Rewrite
Pro  in favor of something Pro-independence
Pro  a forward direction Progress
Retro –  Re  a backward direction Regress  retroactive
Sub  under Subtitle
Counter –  Contra  against Counterproductive    contradict
Post  after Postnatal
En  To give, cause, make Enlarge   encourage
Hyper  to a large degree hypersensitive
Auto  to oneself, independent automatic
Ultra  very extreme ultra-modern
Uni  one united
Bi  two biannual
Neo  in a new or recent way neoclassic

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