Past Simple – Questions about the Subject

Write the questions for the following answers. 

1. Q:

A: Shira was here last night

2. Q: 

A: Mr. Bond lived in that house. Continue reading



Use the correct relative pronoun:  where / when/ which / whose / who

  1. This is the neighborhood ______________ I live.
  2. The girl ______________ is standing near the door is Sarah. 
  3. The dog ______________ is barking belongs to Mike.
  4. We are visiting Australia ______________ my brother lives. 
  5. The man ______________ is sitting on the couch is very rich. 
  6. I like the painting ______________ is on the wall. 
  7. I didn’t know the child ______________ brought the book. 
  8. They called the lawyer ______________ office they visited last week. 
  9. He’ll show you something ______________ will surprise you. 
  10. This is the school ______________ I learned when I was young. 
  11. The key ______________ is on the table is not mine. 
  12. Let’s go to a restaurant ______________ we can eat some good meat. 
  13. She worked for a man ______________ used to be an athlete.
  14. We broke the computer ______________ belonged to my father. 
  15. This is the man ______________ money I borrowed last month. 
  16. There isn’t a day ______________ I don’t feel rushed off my feet.
  17. She’s the only person ______________ really understands me.
  18. This is the place ______________ we met.
  19. I remember the day ______________ you joined the army. 
  20. I met a Japanese tourist ______________ lives north of Tokyo. 
  21. I met a friend last week ______________ husband is the CEO of a big company. 
  22. David bought a new camera ______________ was made in Japan
  23. The film is about a man ______________ daughter was lost. 
  24. Here is the new cellphone ______________ I got for my birthday.
  25. This is the man ______________ married my sister.
  26. This is the old lady ______________ house is next to ours.
  27. I think that 2003 was the year ______________ my parents met.ANSWERS ottawa fnt

Past Simple- Yes /No Questions and Tag Answers

Make Yes /No questions and write tag answers


(you / see Dan last week?) 

Did you see Dan last week?

-Yes, I did.

– No, I didn’t.

1. (it / rain yesterday?) _______________________________________________________________ 


No,  Continue reading

Past Simple – Positive and Negative

Put the verbs in Past Simple

  1. I _____________ (read) this story on the internet.
  2. A few years ago a police officer in America _____________ (need) a dog to help him with his police work. 
  3. He _____________ (decide) to get a good police dog from Israel. 
  4. He _____________ (know) that dogs that are trained in Israel are the best. 
  5. He _____________ (be) lucky. 
  6. In Israel, he _____________ (get) a beautiful, three-year old German Shepherd. 
  7. He _____________ (take) it to the USA. 
  8. But then, the trouble _____________ (start).
  9. The dog _____________ (not, understand) what the police officer said. 
  10. The police officer _____________  (learn) the commands פקודות in Hebrew. 
  11. But the dog still _____________ (not, understand).
  12. The police officer _____________ (not, know) what to do. 
  13. Then he _____________ (have) an idea.
  14. He _____________ (go) to a rabbi. 
  15. He  _____________ (ask) the rabbi to teach him how to say the commands correctly in Hebrew. 
  16. It was amazing! The dog  _____________ (understand) the police officer and everyone _____________ (be) happy. 
  17. Miky the dog _____________ (be) born in Holland and police officers _____________ (bring) him to Israel to train him. 
  18. The police officer and Miky even _____________(help out) during a visit by president Obama. 

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I, II, and III Conditional Sentences – 2

Make the first, second or third conditional. 

  1. He ___________ (not, forgive) you unless you ___________(tell) him the truth. 
  2. I ___________ (buy) the new playstation VR headset if it ___________ (cost) less. I would use it at the party next week. 
  3. I ___________(not pass) the driving test unless I ___________ (take) a few more driving lessons. I still need to practice and feel more confident on the road. 
  4. If she ___________ (have) enough support from management , she ___________ (go ahead) with her plans. Unfortunately, they didn’t support her so the company eventually lost a lot of money. 
  5. I ___________ (call) you if I ___________ (not/forget) my phone. 
  6. If SpaceIL ____________ (land) a spacecraft on the moon that can travel 500 m and send back pictures, they ___________ (win) the contest. 
  7. If he ___________ (be) younger, he ___________ (travel) more. 
  8. If she ___________ (call) me, ___________ (take) a message. 
  9. If we ___________ (arrive) earlier, we ___________ (see) the Lunar eclipse. 
  10. It I ___________ (be) you, I ___________ (ask) for a promotion. 

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

I, II, and III Conditional Sentences – 1

Make the first, second or third conditional. 

  1. If I ______________ (go) to Leipzig, I’ll visit the zoo.
  2. If it ______________ (not, rain) , we’d be in the garden.
  3. If you ______________ (wear) a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier.
  4. We ______________ (watch)  TV last night if Peter hadn’t bought the theatre tickets.
  5. I ______________ (buy) a new computer if I ______________(afford) it. But I can’t afford it. 
  6. She wouldn’t have had two laptops if she ______________(not signed) the contract.
  7. If I was/were a millionaire, I ______________ (live)  in Beverly Hills.
  8. If all nations ______________  (unit) in their efforts to reduce hunger, there’s be less of it in the world. 
  9. You would save energy if you ______________(switch off) the lights more often.
  10. Did you enjoy the film last night? If we had read the book, we ______________ (understand) the film.
  11. I ______________ (fix) my own car if I ______________(know) how to do it. But I don’t know anything about car mechanics. 
  12. They ______________ (arrive) at the show on time if they hadn’t missed the train.
  13. My sister could score better on these tests if the teacher ______________ (explain) the grammar more often.
  14. If Tina ______________(have) a new hair-style, I think she ______________ (look) much nicer. 
  15. If I tell you this secret, ______________ (tell) no one else. 
  16. If we go to the desert, we ______________ (plan) the route carefully, because you can easily get lost there. 
  17. What will Tina do if Adam ______________ (ask) her to marry him?

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

am, is, are – make a question

am, is, are – make a question

1. __________________________?

Yes, my house is big.

2. __________________________? 

Yes, these people are my parents.

3. __________________________?

Yes, I am always late.

4. __________________________? Continue reading