Eat Your Picture


Practice the Words

Do you ever say to yourself “these broccoli heads are beautiful like a forest ” or “this bread is beautiful like a mountain”? Well you’re not crazy if you do. When Carl Warner looks at broccoli and bread he sees much more than just his lunch. He sees beautiful art. Continue reading

Tiny homes

Tiny homes are mini houses people live in that are between 9-37 square meters. Some tiny homes even have wheels. Many people are choosing smaller homes over bigger ones so they can live a simple life. With tiny homes, you can travel around the world and visit friends and family when you want. If you live in a tiny house, you can spend more time with your family because the space is so tiny. You don’t have to pay money to clean a big home. You can even throw things away if you don’t need them, and only keep what is important.  Continue reading

Living in space


Practice the Words

Practice the Words -2

Peggy Whitson’s day begins with a wake-up call. She cleans and fixes things in the house. But her house this year is not a normal one. It is 250 kilometers above earthPeggy is an astronaut. She lives in the World Space Station with 5 other astronauts.  Continue reading

Past Simple- Yes /No Questions and Tag Answers

Make Yes /No questions and write tag answers


(you / see Dan last week?) 

Did you see Dan last week?

-Yes, I did.

– No, I didn’t.

1. (it / rain yesterday?) _______________________________________________________________ 


No,  Continue reading


Practice the words on Quizlet Continue reading

am, is, are – make a question

am, is, are – make a question

1. __________________________?

Yes, my house is big.

2. __________________________? 

Yes, these people are my parents.

3. __________________________?

Yes, I am always late.

4. __________________________? Continue reading

am, is, are – Questions and tag answers

  1. Is your house big?

Yes, __________.

No, __________. 

2. Are these people your parents?

Yes, __________.

No, __________.  Continue reading