Fair Play- GRADE 4


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Fair Play

We are in the Rio Olympic Games. We’re in the 5,000 meter race. Nikki Hamblin is a runner from New Zealand. She falls hard and hits her shoulder. Abbey D’Agostino is the American runner. She is right behind Nikki. Because Nikki is down on the ground, Abbey falls down too. Abbey gets up, and helps Nikki get up too. She wants to help her. She wants her to finish the race.

But Abbey is hurt badly from the fall. Her leg hurts so much that she falls down again. Now Nikki helps her get up. Together, they finish the race after all the other runners. They hug and cry at the finish line. 
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Tiny Homes


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Tiny Homes

Some people dream about living in a big house with a pool. Other people choose to live in a tiny home that is between 9-37 square meters. These people choose smaller homes over bigger homes so they can live a simple life. Some tiny homes even have wheels. So if you have a tiny home, you can travel around the world with your home. You can also visit friends and family and stay for a number of days. If you live in a tiny house, you can spend more time with your family because the space is so tiny. There are no rooms you can escape to. It’s easy to clean it yourself, so you don’t have to pay money to a cleaner. You can even throw things away if you don’t need them, and only keep the important things.  Continue reading

Living in space


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Practice the Words -2

Peggy Whitson’s day begins with a wake-up call. She cleans and fixes things in the house. But her house this year is not a normal one. It is 250 kilometers above earthPeggy is an astronaut. She lives in the World Space Station with 5 other astronauts.  Continue reading

Policemen cook dinner for an old couple


This is a true story. It happened in August in Rome, Italy. 

People hear an old couple crying in their apartment. They call the police. The police come to check the apartment. They find the couple crying. “Why are you crying?”, they ask the old man and his wife. 

The old couple tell them “We feel very sad and lonely after watching the news.” Jole is 84 years old. She sees the news and says to her husband, Michele, “there is so much hate in the world”. Michele tells the policemen that family and friends don’t come to see them. They only have the TV and they feel very lonely.

The policemen feel sorry for the old couple. They cook some pasta and make dinner for them. The policemen wait for the doctors to come and check the couple. They want them to be happy. 

am, is, are – make a question

am, is, are – make a question

1. __________________________?

Yes, my house is big.

2. __________________________? 

Yes, these people are my parents.

3. __________________________?

Yes, I am always late.

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Art For Dogs

Art for Dogs – level 1

If you like dogs and art, this news is for you. There is an art gallery in London. It is special. It is a gallery for dogs. Dogs have fun at the gallery. They can play with the art.

There is a model of a car. There is a fan next to it. Dogs can sit in the car and look out the window. The fan makes wind. The dogs feel like they are in a real car.

There is also a big dog bowl. There are lots of brown balls in the bowl. The balls look like dog food. Dogs can get inside the bowl. 

The man that makes the art gallery says: “I want to make dogs happy. Dogs need to play.

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Grammar Point : Practice There is / There are

am, is, are -Positive and Negative

Use am/ is/ are in the first sentence.

 Use am not/ isn’t / aren’t in the second sentence. 

Example:  We are Israelis. We aren’t Italian. 

  1. We _________ happy. We _________ sad.
  2. I _________ young. I _________ old. 
  3. Dana _________ rich. She _________ poor. 
  4. You _________ very tall. You _________ short. 
  5. The food__________ good. It __________ bad. 
  6. This bag _________ new.  It  _________ old. 
  7. You ________ very thin. You ________ fat. 
  8. My house _________ clean. It _________ dirty. 
  9. They __________ people. They __________ animals.
  10. He ___________ a doctor. He  ___________ a football player. 
  11. The sofa _________ small. It _________ big.
  12. She _________ a young girl. She _________ an old woman. 

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