Cars of the Future- Level 2

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Cars of the Future

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an Electronics Show that takes place every year in Las Vegas, USA. It starts on January 5 and ends on January 8. A big part of the show is about car technology. At the show, you can see the latest automotive trends. You can even take part in ride-and-drive experiences. Self-driving cars and vans were out and driving on the streets. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps,  closed down the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) late one night for a self-drive program.Here are what we thought were some of the most important trends in car technology from CES 2018.

MBUX, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, is the company’s dashboard of the future: with two 12-inch LCDs. Steering wheel controls let you scroll left or right, up or down, or within the menu choices. 
Also, Amazon’s Alexa is coming to the dashboard. BMW, Ford, Hyundai and Toyota have a digital helper called Alexa in their cars. The driver can speak with Alexa. He can tell it to play music, make to-do lists and set alarms. It can also give the driver weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news.
Another interesting feature seen at the show was Nissan’s B2V (“Brain to Vehicle”)  technology that reads the driver’s brain waves.  This tells the car what the driver wants to do one second before the driver’s hands or feet take the action. This way, the car is always ready for your next move.
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In last year’s show you could see Honda’s car which has a digital helper called HANA. HANA can know how the driver is feeling. If you are happy, it can play happy music. When you are worried, it may choose to play relaxing music. Honda’s car can also drive itself. It doesn’t need a driver to hold the wheel or press on the gas pedal. You can control it with the sound of your voice. You just need to tell it where you want to go. When you do not need the car, other people can pay you to use it and you can make money.

Present Simple Exercise

Put the Verb in the right form. 

  1. The Electronics Show ____________ (happen) every year in Las Vegas.
  2. It ____________ (start) on January 5 and ____________ (end) on January 8.
  3. A big part of the show __________ (be) about cars. 
  4. The cars _______________ (show) new technology.
  5. Honda’s car ___________ (have) a digital helper called HANA. 
  6. It  _________________ (not, need) a driver to hold the wheel. It __________ (drive) itself.
  7. The Honda car also  ___________ (know) how the driver is feeling.
  8. These cars ___________  (play) happy music when you are happy.
  9. You ___________ (tell) the car where you want to go.
  10. When you ___________ ( not, need) the car, other people can use it.
  11. These people ___________ (not, own) the car.
  12. They only __________ (use) it and then the car ____________ (return) to you. 
  13. You ___________  (control) the car with the sound of your voice. 
  14.  __________________ (you, want) a car like the Honda?