Can Animals Think and Feel Like People? 


Can animals have feelings like people do? Do they have friends and enemies? Do they race one another? Some people think that animals are just like people in many ways. They play together, they are scared when they feel they’re in danger, have their own language, and feel love.  But many people still  think that animals are less smart than people and don’t really have feelings.

Yang Yun is one of those people who believe animals can think and feel like people. Yang Yun is a 26-year-old woman who likes the sport of free diving. She was diving one day with Mila, the Beluga whale in a tank with other whales . The water in the tank was over six meters deep and as cold as the waters in the Arctic. The water was so freezing, that Yang couldn’t move her legs to get to the surface. Yang thought she was going to drown and then she felt something holding her flipper and bringing her to the open air. It was Mila. Mila saved Yang’s life because she saw she was in danger and wanted to help. 

Alex the Parrot became famous because he can use his voice to say labels for things such as size, number, and color. His trainer, Irene Pepperberg often gives him mathematical questions. For example, she shows Alex a tray with four green blocks, three red ones, and five blue blocks. She then asks him “what color five?” The parrot answers blue. This shows not only that he can see differences between colors, but that he can also add up different amounts. 



  1. How are people and animals the same? Give 2 examples.
  2. Why was Yang Yun in danger of drowning?
  3. Who saved Yang’s life?
  4. Mila saved Yang’s life because ____________________________.
  5. Why did Alex become famous?
  6. The example of Alex the Parrot shows ____________________________.