Best Inventions 2017

Every year, TIME Magazine chooses some of the best inventions of the year. The magazine looks at hundreds of inventions from around the world. Then it chooses the inventions that are making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun. These were some of the most important inventions of last year:

Jibo / $899 (NIS 



Jibo is a personal robot. It is different from the personal robots we know today. It seems human in a way that other robots do notJibo looks like something straight out of a Pixar movie, with a big, round head and a face that uses animated icons to show how it feels. Its body moves and turns when it speaks, as if it’s talking with its hands. Jibo can giggle and dance and turn to face you as soon as you say, “Hey, Jibo. It is because Jibo seems so human, that it can change the way we interact with machines

Jibo can help users in basic ways. For example, by summing up news stories and taking photos. He still can’t play music requests or work with other apps . Jibo still has a lot to learn. But Matt Revis, one of the company’s managers, says Jibo will develop. 

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Glasses That Help Blind People See /  $9,995



For the millions of blind people, getting from one place to another is a daily challenge. Support canes screen-shot-2018-10-28-at-1-40-18-pm.png and guide dogs can help, but they cannot be like actually seeing. eSight 3 can do the trick. Think of it as the world’s most powerful pair of glasses. When a blind man puts on eSight, it records HD video and uses zooming, contrast  and other technology to make the images stronger. This is how blind people can use the glasses to see.  The device is not cheap. It costs $9,995, so not everyone can buy one.  But for the blind people who can afford it, it’s a life changer. Now they can finally take part in different activities, including sports.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 11.54.01 AM

  1. What is special about these glasses?
  2. How do these glasses work?
  3. Do you think it’s too expensive? Why?

Smart Mugs $79.95



Do you like sipping coffee, tea or hot chocolate? If you do, then you know how temperature can affect taste. If it’s too hot, it will burn your tongue. If it’s too cold then it’s not worth drinking. You have only about 37 seconds to enjoy your hot drink at an ideal level of warmth. “That didn’t make any sense to me,” says Clay Alexander, CEO and founder of Ember Technologies. So he invented a solution: the Ember mug, a smart drinking device. The mug can keep coffee or tea at a specific temperature. You set it through an app and the temperature stays anywhere from 48°C to 63°C—for about an hour . When you use its charging saucer , it can stay at that temperature for an as long as you want. Even a week! The mug is already sold in 4,600 U.S. Starbucks stores.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 11.54.01 AM

  1. What problem does the smart mug solve?
  2. How long can it keep your hot drink at the right temperature?




  1. Every year, TIME Magazine _______________ (choose) some of the best inventions of the year.
  2. The magazine _______________ (look) at hundreds of inventions from around the world.
  3. Jibo _______________ (be) one of the most important inventions of last year. It _______________ (be) a personal robot.
  4. It is / isn’t different from the personal robots we know today.
  5. It seems/ doesn’t seem human.
  6. It _____________ (have) a face that _____________ (use) animated icons to show how it feels.
  7. Its body moves / doesn’t move and turns / doesn’t turn when it speaks.
  8. You and Jibo _____________ (face) each other when you speak. 
  9. These kinds of robots_____________  (change) the way we interact with machines. 
  10. Jibo needs / doesn’t need to develop.