Art For Dogs – Word Exercise

Art for Dogs 

Put the words in the right sentence.

have fun, art, look out , there is, fan,, wind, special, model, feel, real

If you like dogs and ________, this news is for you. ________ an art ________ in London. It is ________. It is a gallery for dogs. Dogs ________ at the gallery. They can play with the art.

There is a ________ of a car. There is a ________ next to it. Dogs can sit in the car and ________ the window. The fan makes ________. The dogs ________ like they are in a ________ car.

Put the words in the right sentence.

says, a lot of, get inside, bowl, look like, need to

There is also a big dog ________. There are ________ brown balls in the bowl. The balls ________ dog food. Dogs can ________ the bowl. 

The man that makes the art gallery ________: “I want to make dogs happy. Dogs ________ play.