1. It was the most exciting NBA game of the year.
  2. They want to build a new school on my street.
  3. She’s always full of new ideas.
  4. We’re going to see the new Iron Man movie at the cinema tonight.
  5. I have an interesting book about sports psychology.
  6. We went to see the new stadium immediately after they finished building it.
  7. It’s a very exciting city to visit – always full of life, and the restaurants are terrific.
  8. Dana is a baker so she always smells like freshly baked bread.
  9. We went on a tour of the city for 3 hours and saw all the main sites.
  10. I have no choice but to leave the country for 4 years to study in the USA.
  11. Beyoncé is a very famous female singer.

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