am, is, are -Positive and Negative

Use am/ is/ are in the first sentence.

 Use am not/ isn’t / aren’t in the second sentence. 

Example:  We are Israelis. We aren’t Italian. 

  1. We are happy. We aren’t sad.
  2. I am young. I am not old. 
  3. Dana is rich. She isn’t poor. 
  4. You are very tall. You aren’t short. 
  5. The food is good. It isn’t bad. 
  6. This bags are new.  They aren’t old. 
  7. I am very thin. I am not fat. 
  8. My house is clean. It isn’t dirty. 
  9. They are people. They aren’t animals.
  10. He is a doctor. He isn’t a football player. 
  11. The sofa is small. It isn’t small.
  12. She is a young girl. She isn’t an old woman.