Adjectives in Sentences- Answers

Choose the correct sentence

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a. The monkey has a hamburger.

b. The hamburger has a monkey.

c. The monkey has a ball.


a. The black is bat. 

b. The bat is black.

c. It is a fat frog. 


a. It is a can open.

b. It is a yellow. 

c. It is an open can.


a. The balloon has a clown.

b. The clown has a balloon.

c. The clown is a balloon. 


a. This is a fat gorilla. 

b. The gorilla has a pot.

c. The fat is gorilla. 


a. This is a tall hen.

b. The man is tall.

c. The man has a tall. 


a. The pig is near the cow.

b. This is a pig cow.

c. The cow has a big. 


a. This is a cat orange.

b. The orange has a cat.

c. The cat is orange and black. It is strange. 


a. This is a monkey big.

b. The monkey has a big nose.

c. The monkey is hot. 

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