LingDigi is a site for English language learners.

LingDigi offers content for language learners at all proficiency levels.

LingDigi’s content includes audio, video, articles, vocabulary builder tools and memory tools.

LingDigi is about having fun learning English and doing it the social way.

LingDigi is about discovering powerful tools and techniques for effective language learning.


* You want to learn English quickly and efficiently and never forget it.

* You want to read, listen to and watch interesting content adapted for you as an English learner and suited to your level.

* You want to discover your brain’s full learning power by using imagery, sound, context, association and location, as well as other mind tools and techniques.

* You’re open-minded and you could enjoy the benefit of tools and techniques for improving learning and memorizing.

* You want to see reviews, comments, ratings and recommendations by other language learners as well as add your own input.

Read more about LingDigi School

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