Past Progressive & Past Simple- Answers

1) What were you doing  (you/do) when I called (call) you last night?

2) I was swimming (swim) in the pool when you called (call).

3) When you entered (enter) the house, what was the burglar doing (the burglar, do)?

4) He was opening (open) all the drawers in the bedroom closet.

5) What did he do  (he, do) when he saw (see) you?

6) He jumped out (jump out) the window and ran away (run away).

7) We were hiking (hike) in the mountains when John hurt (hurt) his ankle. 

8) Jane was watching (watch) a film when she heard (hear) the noise.

9) Yesterday I met (meet) Julie for coffee, next I had (have) dinner with Alex, later I went  (go) to the cinema.

8) What were the neighbors doing (the neighbors / do) at 5pm yesterday? – it was really noisy.

9) She was taking (take) a shower when someone knocked (knock) on the door.

10) She was (be) in the shower when someone knocked (knock) on the door.

11) When we arrived  (arrived) at the party, all my friends were dancing  (dance).

12) We saw (see) 2 movies while while we were flying (fly) to New York.

13) It was  (be) a beautiful day on the beach. The sun was was shining  (shine) and the birds were singing (sing).  Ben was surfing (surf) and I was walking (walk) barefoot on the sand when I met (meet) an old friend.

14) Jack and Annie were living (live) in Boston when their third child was born.

15) When the passengers were getting (get out) of the plane, the captain and flight attendants  were waiting (wait) at the aircraft’s entry door.

16) On holiday we visited (visit) Paris, saw (see) the Eiffel Tower, and spent (spend) a whole day at the museum.

17) I took an umbrella because when I left (leave) the house it was raining  (rain).

18) The baby was crying  (cry) when we got back (get back). The babysitter was doing (d0) her best to stop her from crying but she was hungry. We asked the babysitter what happened because when we left (leave) the house the baby was sleeping  (sleep).

19) The two sisters lived (live) in Singapore when they were (be) young.

20) She was working  (work) in a high-tech company when she met (meet) Matthew. Six months after that, they got married (get married).