Fair Play- GRADE 4


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Fair Play

We are in the Rio Olympic Games. We’re in the 5,000 meter race. Nikki Hamblin is a runner from New Zealand. She falls hard and hits her shoulder. Abbey D’Agostino is the American runner. She is right behind Nikki. Because Nikki is down on the ground, Abbey falls down too. Abbey gets up, and helps Nikki get up too. She wants to help her. She wants her to finish the race.

But Abbey is hurt badly from the fall. Her leg hurts so much that she falls down again. Now Nikki helps her get up. Together, they finish the race after all the other runners. They hug and cry at the finish line. 

After the race, Nikki says, “I fall down and I feel shocked. Why am I on the ground?’ Then I feel this hand on my shoulder. I hear this girl saying ‘get up, get up, we have to finish this’. I say ‘yep, you’re right’. This is the Olympic Games. We have to finish this. I didn’t know this girl before the race. She’s so amazing, such an amazing woman.”

Word Exercise

Put the words in the right sentence

American, runner, hug, amazing, falls down, hurt, after, race, gets up, didn’t know, Olympic Games, finish

  1. It’s the 2016 Rio ______________.
  2. The 5,000 meter ______________ starts.  
  3. Nikki is a ___________ from New Zealand.
  4. She ______________ and hits her shoulder. 
  5. Abbey is the ______________ runner. She falls down too because she is right behind Nikki. 
  6. Abbey ______________ and helps Nikki get up too.
  7. She tells Nikki “This is the Olympic Games. We have to ______________ this”. 
  8. But Abbey is ______________ after falling. This time, Nikki helps her get up. 
  9. They finish the race ______________ all the other runners.
  10. They _________ and cry at the finish line. 
  11. Nikki says “ I ______________ Abbey before the race”
  12. She is such an ______________ woman. 

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