Use the correct relative pronoun:  where / when/ which / whose / who

  1. This is the neighborhood ______________ I live.
  2. The girl ______________ is standing near the door is Sarah. 
  3. The dog ______________ is barking belongs to Mike.
  4. We are visiting Australia ______________ my brother lives. 
  5. The man ______________ is sitting on the couch is very rich. 
  6. I like the painting ______________ is on the wall. 
  7. I didn’t know the child ______________ brought the book. 
  8. They called the lawyer ______________ office they visited last week. 
  9. He’ll show you something ______________ will surprise you. 
  10. This is the school ______________ I learned when I was young. 
  11. The key ______________ is on the table is not mine. 
  12. Let’s go to a restaurant ______________ we can eat some good meat. 
  13. She worked for a man ______________ used to be an athlete.
  14. We broke the computer ______________ belonged to my father. 
  15. This is the man ______________ money I borrowed last month. 
  16. There isn’t a day ______________ I don’t feel rushed off my feet.
  17. She’s the only person ______________ really understands me.
  18. This is the place ______________ we met.
  19. I remember the day ______________ you joined the army. 
  20. I met a Japanese tourist ______________ lives north of Tokyo. 
  21. I met a friend last week ______________ husband is the CEO of a big company. 
  22. David bought a new camera ______________ was made in Japan
  23. The film is about a man ______________ daughter was lost. 
  24. Here is the new cellphone ______________ I got for my birthday.
  25. This is the man ______________ married my sister.
  26. This is the old lady ______________ house is next to ours.
  27. I think that 2003 was the year ______________ my parents met.ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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