Golden Retriever Saves Man


Practice the Words

Kelsey the Golden Retriever and her owner, Bob have a special bond. Bob is a 64 year old man. He lives alone in his house in Michigan, USA. Kelsey is very loyal to Bob and is always keeping him safe.

One cold winter night, Bob ran out of firewood. It was freezing and Bob was wearing his pajamas so he thought, “what can I do?” It was around 10:30 pm when he went outside to get some more firewood to keep his house warm. Bob slipped and fell down. Bob was hurt badly. He broke his neck and needed to see a doctor, but he couldn’t move. He was lying on the snow, shivering, wearing only his pajamas. The only thing he could do was scream for help. His neighbors lived far away and couldn’t hear Bob scream. There was no one at that time of night to help him.

Bob was so happy when he suddenly saw his dog, Kelsey, come to help him. Together, they barked and screamed for help, but soon, Bob lost his voice and couldn’t speak. Kelsey stayed with him all night. For the next 20 hours, she didn’t stop barking for help. She was lying on top of Bob to keep him warm. She kept licking his face and hands to keep him awake. She didn’t leave him until in the morning, a neighbor heard Kelsey’s bark and found Bob on the snow. The neighbor took Bob to the hospital where he got help. Kelsey is a hero. She saved Bob’s life.

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