Eat Your Picture


Practice the Words

Do you ever say to yourself “these broccoli heads are beautiful like a forest ” or “this bread is beautiful like a mountain”? Well you’re not crazy if you do. When Carl Warner looks at broccoli and bread he sees much more than just his lunch. He sees beautiful art.

Warner is a photographer who lives in London. His art is special. He uses food to make pictures of landscapes. Some hospitals even use his photos to teach kids to eat colorful foods. The artist wants kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, and not see “green” food as yucky. All of his pictures are made of fruits and vegetables, bread, fresh fish, sandwich meats, or noodles. In one of his pictures, Warner makes a river from spaghetti and uses cucumbers for trees.

The artist loves food and nature. He makes beautiful scenes of China, Italy, India, and more. It is hard to tell that the pictures are made of food. The art takes a long time to make. First, Warner thinks of ideas. Then, he draws the picture on paper, picks the foods at the market, cuts the food into shapes, and then warner and his team put the foods piece by piece together. At the end, he has castles made of chocolate and magical landscapes. Then he can use light and take the photos before his chocolate castle melts or becomes food for a hungry animal!

So next time your mom tells you not to play with your food, make her your own piece of art…

Look at Warner’s photos and see if you can tell what foods he used in each one of them.

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