Living in space


Practice the Words

Practice the Words -2

Peggy Whitson’s day begins with a wake-up call. She cleans and fixes things in the house. But her house this year is not a normal one. It is 250 kilometers above earthPeggy is an astronaut. She lives in the World Space Station with 5 other astronauts. 

The World Space Station is above earth. It goes around the earth 16 times every day. It goes so fast that it can go to the Moon and back in a day. 16 countries worked together to build the Station. It is very big. It’s the size of a football field. There are 6 astronauts living in the world space station right now. They need to learn to live and work together as a team. This is not easy because they know each other for only a year or two and because they come from different countries. 

Peggy speaks to scientists on the ground and does experiments. Many times, she gets ready for spacewalks. Life in the World Space Station is different and exciting. 



This is where astronauts live.  

This is not special and it is not different.

It is up but not touching.

Israel, the USA and Canada are in this group.

There is one for basketball and one for English. 

It is not hard.

It is not the same.

We do this before we go out. 

Going to the Luna Park feels like this.

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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